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Help with Phrasal Verbs

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Help with Phrasal Verbs Empty Help with Phrasal Verbs

Post by Admin Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:23 pm

Help with Phrasal Verbs 1739961_1240664631_phr-v

This book represents a new
approach to teaching phrasal verbs through a variety of texts and
exercises which provide practice in reading, listening, speaking and
writing, intended for intermediate -level students, this book helps them
to understand and use approximately 130 phrasal verbs commonly found in
everyday life. 15 structured topic - based units regular revision units
and a special test useful for students preparing for the Cambridge
First Certificate examination listening material on an optional cassette
a simple explanation of the grammar of phrasal verbs material which can
be used in sequence or selectively a dictionary - style reference
section which includes all the phrasal verbs used in the units an answer
key and tape scripts which make it suitable for self-study. ook

  1. book mirror
  2. audio (the recording for unit 8 id incomplete) by floarea
  3. audio noise reduced by Yossik (23.01 MB)
File size: 3.67 MB

File type: PDF in RAR

Help with Phrasal Verbs 1822042_1739574_download_but

Help with Phrasal Verbs 272597
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