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3D Clinic Professional (ISO)

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3D Clinic Professional (ISO) Empty 3D Clinic Professional (ISO)

Post by Admin Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:17 pm

3D Clinic Professional (ISO) 34181


3DClinic Professional is a sophisticated educational tool designed specifically for use by doctors in communicating with patients in the clinical setting. Containing more than 100 distinct pieces of interactive media accessed via a simple and easy to navigate menu structure, 3D Clinic Professional replaces traditional analogue media (such as medical illustration books and skeleton models) used by doctor to converse with patient. With the unique advantage of draw-on-screen, type-on-screen, print, email and save-to-disk functionality, is not only designed to improve patient compliance, but also lower malpractice risk.

The unique selling point of 3DClinic Professional is our ability to facilitate a better patient outcome via a healthcare professional’s communication of 3D interactive imagery. It is the intent of 3DClinic to take a competitive position throughout the world in any market segment where a healthcare professional, teacher, parent or other individual wishes to achieve an improved educational outcome in the area of anatomy, medicine and health via communication of 3D interactive imagery. The core value of our first product developed for use in general practice is a better patient outcome.

Our product is not designed to be additive to GP’s current workflow practices, rather, simply replace the use by doctor of analogue media he/she would traditionally use to educate patients about their condition.

The software features:
• Simple menu structure for ease of navigation
• Health topics that provide a 3D interactive journey from a healthy to unhealthy state.
• A 3D library of anatomical images of the human body
• Draw and Type features that enable you to ‘personalize’ imagery for your patient
• Ability to Print, Email (for referrals) & Save these images for future reference
• Links to patient education materials provided by recognized professional associations
3D Clinic Professional (ISO) 27954910

3D Clinic Professional (ISO) 272597
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