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General rules

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General rules Empty General rules

Post by Admin Fri Dec 10, 2010 9:00 pm

Please take some time to read this information before starting to log in the forum:
• (subsequently here in referred to as ELIB)
You should use English properly in this forum. If your content in other languages please make sure your name of topic is begun by the name of own put in [...] and translate it to English. Example, if the content you want to post are Chinese with the name of topic is “Bulletin of HSK test 2010”, you should type as:
[Chinese] Bulletin of HSK test 2010.

But the name of your language more than 8 character, please type short name.

• Being an active poster not just a downloader or a ghost. It means get invloved and participate in forum's activities.
• Please post or request in the correct forums.
• No political or religious discussions are allowed (including conspiracy heories, plots, assassination plans, ideas on terrorism etc...) Also apply to avatars, signatures,posts and requests.
• No racism, sexism or prejudice. Also apply to avatars, signatures, posts and requests.
• No pornography or sexual related discussions are allowed. Also apply to avatars, signatures, posts and requests.
• Do not use slang, filthy words, inappropriate languages or offensive words of any kind in any way. Also apply to avatars,signatures,posts and requests.
• Do not use CAPS LOCK (all uppercase) in your post.
• Be kind and helpful to other members, especially new members.
• Please put all the links in your post in code tag (i.e. [ code][/ code]) and not in url tag, also apply to posts and requests.
• Please enclose a fix (*****s, key generators, patches or serials) in your post, if any.
• Under any circumstances, ELIB Staff's decisions should be highly respected as their decisions are final
• If you have a problem with another member of this forum, use the Personal Message (PM) system to inform the Staff member such as: (Moderators or Administrators) about the situation and we will try our best to resolve the problems.
• No advertising allowed without staff's permission under any circumstances outside the Advertising section, this also includes hosting and other product offers
• No trading, buying or selling of anything at all.This is not a trade warez site. ELIB's spirit is '' FREE SHARING''

• Personal avatar's size cannot be greater than 200x200pixels (height x width) and have to use the picture was uploaded from other host.
• Exceptions will be applied to Premium members or Staff members.

Signature's length cannot be greater than 500 characters and cannot be more than 10 lines at a resolution of 800x600.
• Images display in the signature cannot be larger than 200x400 pixels (height x width) and have to use the picture was uploaded from other host.
• One image can be used in the signature ONCE only.
• Advertising warez-related forums in the signature is prohibited unless you have special permission from ELIB Staffs.
• A signature cannot contains any URL links to a blog or forum unless it is to your personal blog.
• Signatures ONLY in English.

• Before making a post use the SEARCH function.
(Please refer to this topic for instructions on how to use it.)
• Add your links to existing topics (if any)
• Do not post hacking utilities, flooder, email harvesters/spam tools, virus development tools/tutorials
• Be as informative as possible by adding( screen shots) to your post, if any.
• Always add a VALID link and a fix (if any)
• Always double check fix-links for any potential harmful threats such as(viruses, infections, spy wares, trojans, adwares, worms, rookits, malwares, stealthwares or browser hijackers) before posting.
• If you want to add a reply to your topic, please use the EDIT button instead of making a duplicated post.
• Do not Flood our board.
• Do not bump old threads just to say the links are dead or to ask for are upload. Use the appropciate request section instead or use the PM system to inform the Staff or Team Member
• Put all your links in code tag.

• Take Your time to use the SEARCH function to see whether a similar request has already been made.
• Requests should be made in the appropriate sections
• Do not make requests inside the topic we have a separate section for requesting.
• Do not request hacking utilities, flooders, email harvesters/spam tools,virus development tools/tutorials.
• Do not ask for Credit Card numbers, IP addresses, user names, passwords, fake IDs etc...
• Be precise when making request: Type EXACTLY what you are searching for.
• Do not bump a request if nobody reply to your question. You have to wait at least 1 days until you can bump your request.
• When a request is fulfilled please take Your time to PM a moderator to close the topic.

* Here are some of the things may cause you to receive a warning:
• Publicly insulting,objecting or offending other ELIB members or Staff members.
• Posting multiple post with the same contents.
• Posting two or more continuous post without using the EDIT function.
• Using inappropriate languages.

• Do not ask anyone of the staffs if you can become avip/moderator/admin.
• In case of need and if we think you are qualified we will then contact you or posting notice on the forum.

* Any violation above will be modified,deleted,warned or banned without advanced notices. All punishments depend on the severity of the violation.
* Please take a moment to read these RULES and abide them. Your presence is our pleasure.We hope you enjoy the forum. Again, we truly thank for your cooperation.
Thank you for your time!

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General rules Empty Re: General rules

Post by Admin Mon Nov 07, 2011 11:37 pm


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