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Post by Admin Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:59 pm


  1. For members in Movie Box:

    • Get to know the Moderators in Movie Box (they should be on the bottom of right corner) to promptly contact if having problems or answers needed.
    • When you encounter a problem, go review the FAQ's thread first.
    • If you want to find any movie’s links, do searching in the Movie box first.
    • If the thread you are looking for doesn’t exist, you can make a request for your movie in Movies & Videos requets
    • If related threads to the movie exist, but all of the links are not available, you can either report those threads to Moderators or making a request in Movies & Videos requets. Moderators will meet your needs as soon as possible.
    • Follow the rules to submit your post; SPAMMING is prohibited in any form.
    • Do not use bad words in Movie Box
    • Do not quote the entire post; especially posts contain lots of pictures or links.
    • You’re welcome to give your own evaluations about movies, acting, and as well as the quality of the films.
    • All contributions and feedback will be posted in Feed back & Sugguestion. Otherwise, you can send a private message to any Moderators.

For member who want to post movie’s links in Movie Box:

  • All porn or movies that are related to politic are prohibited.
  • You must have a warning if the movie is very sensitive (it contains lots of seductive or images of violence.)
  • You must have to “Search” before posting your thread.

    • If the movies are exist in the box, put your post here:
      Make sure they follow the rules below before submitting them

      • The movies name must be clearly, and the font should be 5 or 6 with a favorite color.
      • Link to movies information should be included (it should be that movie officially website, or a link from IMDB (need to insert a hyper link.))
      • Posters of movies (they should be clearly and not too big.)
      • All links must put in CODE’s tag.
      • All information related to movies is welcome.
      • If the posters of movies are already available, you don’t need to insert the poster in your post.
      • Screenshots: 2-4 may be enough. Again, screenshots are only used for evaluating the quality of movies (DVD or CAM versions), or the frames of the movies. All too violent or seductive screenshots are prohibited.

    • If the movies are not available in Movie Box:

      • Create a thread which contains all of the information defined above.
      • Rules for putting thread’s titles

        • Thread’s name must contain at least 3 things: Movie name + Year + Quality until the present.
        • Thread name must be required by movie’s name. Do not place a dot on the name of the thread.
        • Do not capitalize all letters. Do not name the host uploading on the title.
        • Examples

          • No Country For Old Man [2007][CAM]
          • No Country For Old Man [2007][TS]
          • No Country For Old Man [2007][R5/R3]
          • No Country For Old Man [2007][DVDSCR]
          • No Country For Old Man [2007][DVDRIP]

        • RIP team’s names are not required, but you still can add it to the name of threads

          • No Country For Old Man [2007][DVDRIP|DiAMOND]
          • If there are links of different RIP teams in your thread, you can put the name following to this example:No Country For Old Man [2007][DVDRIP][DiAMOND|aXXo]

    A topic with lots of complaints would also considered mild severity, and it is not unexpected if it get moved. In this case, Moderators will notice before moving it. All post are violated the rules might be moved or deleted without any notification. Any individual intentionally violated will be handled with according to severity.


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