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Teaching ROMs for Microprocessors and Microcontroller

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Teaching ROMs for Microprocessors and Microcontroller

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:35 pm

English | RAR | 926MB
Genre: eLearning


To help educators, TI provides educational CD-ROMs with "ready to teach" content such as experiments around TI experimenter kits.
These educational materials have been prepared by Professors from reputed universities.
A large number of teachers world-wide use the educational materials directly or as a basis to develop their own content.
1. C2000 Teaching ROM---Rar File--Size:302MB

This CD-ROM is designed to support TI TMS320C2000 MCU platform.
Written and designed by Frank Bormann of University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Germany
this CD-ROM provides a series of 19 modules with teaching material for the current generation of 32-bit Texas Instruments real-time controllers.
The contents include presentation slides, a textbook with 750 pages, along with procedures and solutions for laboratory exercises, all presented in source-code form to allow flexibility of use. The laboratory exercises are based on the TMS320F28335 controlCARD, the Texas Instruments Peripheral Explorer Board and the C programming language. Some exercises, especially those for the enhanced Pulse Width Modulation Unit, are also available for the TMS320F28027 – Piccolo USBstick.
All exercises are provided in two versions to run under Code Composer Studio CCS3.3 or CCS4.1.

2. C5000 Teaching ROM---Rar File--Size:153MB

TMS320C5505 and TMS320C5515 USB Stick Teaching Materials
The twenty chapters provide,
1. An introduction to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques including FIR filters, IIR filters, LMS adaptive filters, Goertzel Algorithm, speech compression and wavelets.
2. The material is aimed at the beginner to DSP or the enthusiast. Suitable for classroom use or self study.
3. The emphasis of the materials is hands-on practical experiments rather than pure theory.
4. Complete working examples of C code are provided for each chapter which run on the TSM320C5505 and TMS320C5515 USB Sticks.
5. Each chapter contains a Powerpoint presentation to introduce the topic, block diagrams, some Matlab models and working C code.
6. Self-test questions are provided to check on your progress.
7. The material does assume some basic knowledge of C programming to allow the code to be used modified by the student.

3. C6000 Teaching ROM---Rar File--Size:89.3MB

This CD Comprising twenty two chapters,
1. The material describes the C6000 architecture in detail, introduces Code Composer Studio (CCS), the Operating System (DSP/BIOS)
2. Software Optimisation
3. DSP applications implemented on the C6713 and C6416 DSK platforms.

4. MSP430 Teaching ROM---Rar File--Size:361MB

Written by: University of Beira Interior, Electromechanical Engineering Department, Portugal, 2009.
This CD-ROM has following features,
1. Teach microcontrollers (MCUs), using devices from the Texas Instruments MSP430 family.
2. The materials include slides, labs, tests, programs and application examples, written in an academic style that is both interesting and technically detailed.
3. Used as student guides to a series of modules and laboratory exercises.
4. This CD Gives detailed descriptions of how to use a range of peripherals.
5. A step-by-step project guide to using different software development tools, with instructions on how to use the available hardware starter kits
to perform the laboratory exercises, is also included.

5. Workshop.C28x_Design.3DAY---Rar File--Size:20.8MB

This is similar to C2000 Teaching ROM but its a Hands on approach

C28x Workshop Outline

1. Architecture OverviewArchitecture Overview
2. Programming Development EnvironmentProgramming Development Environment
3. Peripheral Register Header FilesPeripheral Register Header Files
4. Reset and InterruptsReset and Interrupts
5. System InitializationSystem Initialization
6. AnalogAnalog-to-Digital ConverterDigital Converter
7. Event ManagerEvent Manager
8. Numerical Concepts and IQ MathNumerical Concepts and IQ Math
10. System DesignSystem Design
11. CommunicationsCommunications
12. Support Resources



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