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Collection of video Brainetics Deluxe Math and Memory Set 2012 - 7DVD

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Collection of video Brainetics Deluxe Math and Memory Set 2012 - 7DVD

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:35 pm

Language: English | PDF | DVD5 (7 DVD Set) | MPEG2 @ 6 Mbit/s | 720x480 | AC3 Stereo @ 192 Kbit/s 48 KHz | 14.1 GB


Brainetics is a revolutionary system that uses mathematics to teach you how to use two parts of your brain at the same time; one part processes information while the other part stores information.

This new power allows your mind to work better and faster at ALL subjects - math, history, science, languages - bringing your entire thinking process to a new, higher level.

Who is Brainetics for?

Brainetics is for anybody aged 9 to 90 that have a grasp of the multiplication tables.

KIDS! Brainetics is for kids 9 and up of all abilities, from those with special needs to the highly gifted. The system teaches kids the priceless skills of focus, following directions, problem solving, organizational skills and memory improvement. Most importantly – Brainetics Is Fun! Learning to think creatively and having fun doing it makes learning anything that much easier!!

ADULTS! Brainetics the best kept secret for giving adults the edge at work!! Over 35% of people using Brainetics are ADULTS! Brainetics has become a sensation for adults for the same reason it is winning over kids – because it is FUN. Brainetics teaches essential skills like how to memorize names and faces, remember your endless list of chores, grocery lists – just about anything you need! And for many adults, this is the answer to a lifetime of math anxiety.

SENIORS! Experts agree – by practicing mental exercises and challenging your brain with games and puzzles you can stave off mental aging, staying sharp and increasing mental clarity. Brainetics is a high-energy program that challenges you – at your own pace - with fun mental tasks that help you concentrate, focus, and build your mental processing at the same time. You’ll be thinking younger and faster before you know it.

LEARNERS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS! Students with ADD, ADHD, autism, and other special needs have all found success with the Brainetics program. Brainetics sharpens focus and concentration, an area where special needs learners tend to have difficulty with. Just work at your own pace, and you have mastered a lesson, show off to your friends and family members the cool things they can do – it’s a huge self esteem boost!

FAMILIES! Brainetics is fun for the entire family to do together. Students get information from school but get learning strategies from home and everything in Brainetics is new for both parents and kids so you can learn together! Use Brainetics fifteen or twenty minutes a night, and you will be amazed at what you are all able to do!

TEACHERS! Brainetics is the perfect addition for any classroom fourth grade and up. Brainetics will help motivate your students to do things they never thought possible, and it is done in a very fun way. Brainetics will also help teach them all the skills that are vitally important to the education process.

Brainetics helps improve focus, concentration, organizational skills, pattern awareness and memory. Whenever you have time free in a school day, or if you want to reward your students by teaching them something very cool, use Brainetics. The students will love it.

The Brainetics program is based on fundamental learning skills that help with mental processing, memory, and cognition that are valuable at any age! The program is fun, engaging and can be done at your own pace, so learners at any age and stage can improve their mental abilities.

Disc 1: Warm Up Time
Disc 2: Stretch Your Mind
Disc 3: Cranium Crunching
Disc 4: Go The Distance
Disc 5: Peak Performances
Disc 6: Brainetics Extra Innings!
Disc 7: Home Team Advantage


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