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TStraining for Networking Professional Lab 05 DHCP Servers

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TStraining for Networking Professional Lab 05 DHCP Servers

Post by abc on Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:38 am

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For over 5 years our Windows Server 2003 courses have literally built Train Signal?s reputation as an innovator in hands on computer based training.
And due to popular request we?ve combined 5 of our popular courses into one powerful Network Infrastructure training package!
Over 30 hours of hands-on training will teach you how to install configure and manage DNS DHCP WINS Server Internet Gateways Windows Routing plus added free bonus course: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for Windows Server 2003!
Not only will you become a better network administrator in the real world the core concepts you?ll learn also prepares you for many exams on the MCSE track!
If you want to get certified avoid 2-4 years of trial and error and save thousands of dollars then grab this powerful training package and jumpstart your career today!
Video 1
Concepts Video
When you are getting started with DHCP you need to know the basic concepts in order to move forward with more detailed information. This video will provide you with a good base of knowledge so that you can benefit from the rest of the course.
* BootP
* Scope Options
* Server Options
* User/Vendor Classes
* DHCP Request Process
Video 2
DHCP Installation
Knowing how to install DHCP within Active Directory is a network skill that will help further your understanding of using DHCP from start to finish.
* Installing DHCP in AD
* Dealing with Rogue DHCP Servers
* DHCP Scope Options
* DHCP Client Configurations
* Reservations
Video 3
DHCP Fault Tolerance
Configuring these scopes for multiple servers will expand your ability to set up fault tolerance using more than one server.
* Server 3 DHCP Installation
* Scope Configuration ? Server 2
* Scope Configuration ? Server 3
* DHCP Client Testing
Video 4
Knowing how to set up a server to give out IP addresses from two different ranges will save you time and your company money because you will not have to physically set up another router and subnet.
* Overview of Superscopes
* Computer Setup
* Scope Creation
* Scope Options and Exclusions
* Testing
Video 5
Managing DHCP
If you have a multi-segmented network and only one DHCP server you need to know how to set up a DHCP Relay Agent to allow you DHCP clients to obtain IP addresses.
* DHCP Relay Agent Overview
* Lab Setup
* Scope Creation
* DHCP Relay Agent Installation and Configuration
* Testing From Client
* DHCP Server Properties



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