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Phonics PPT Collection - 156 Subjects

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Phonics PPT Collection - 156 Subjects

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 25, 2011 12:37 pm

Phonics PPT Collection - 156 Subjects

Author(s): SuAnn Dixon
Publisher: Houston County Schools
Quantity: 156 files
Size: 55 Mb
Format: .ppt (PowerPoint Presentation)
Quality: High
Language: American English


The phonics power point presentation is suitable for teacher training sessions.

Dixon Style Phonics
SuAnn Dixon, educational technology specialist at Stowers Elementary at Fort Benning, Georgia, has graciously agreed to let us post her phonics PowerPoint presentations. Feel free to use them in your classroom.

The Phonics PPT Collection features topics:
• 3 Letter Consonant Clusters
• Beginning Sounds
• Consonant Digraphs -wh, -ch, -sh, -th
• Dolch basic sight words
• Ending Sounds
• High Frequency Words
• L blends
• Long Vowels
• Picture Words and Sentences–blends -bl, -br, -cl, -dr, -pr, -sl, -tr, etc.
• Picture Words and Sentences–digraphs -ch, -sh, -th, -wh
• Picture Words and Sentences–long vowels
• Picture Words and Sentences–short vowels
• R Blends
• Rhyming Words
• S Blends
• Short Vowels
• Spell the Words–CVC
• Spell the Words–short vowels–4 & 5 letters
• Spelling Sound Pattern -ab, -ad, -ed, -id, -ob, -ade, etc.
• Vowel Digraphs -ai, -au, -ea, -ee, -ew, -ie, -oa, -oo, -ou, etc.
• Word Family -ug, -ack, -ad, -ag, -all, -an, -ap, -at, -ub, -un, etc.

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