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MIT - Video Course on Electricity and Magnetism and 32 reference books

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MIT - Video Course on Electricity and Magnetism and 32 reference books

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:08 pm

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Course Features
This course features a complete set of videotaped lectures. transcript, lecture notes, assignments and solutions, exams and solutions.
The 36 video lectures on Electricity and Magnetism, by Professor Lewin, were recorded on the MIT campus.
Prof. Lewin is well-known at MIT and beyond for his dynamic and engaging lecture style. Professor Walter H. G. Lewin is a Professor Emeritus of physics
at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned his Ph.D. degree in nuclear physics in 1965 at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Walter Lewin went to MIT in January 1966 as a post-doctoral associate, and became an assistant professor later that year. Walter Lewin received the "2003 Everett Moore Baker Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching" award.

Course Description
The focus is on electricity and magnetism. It is geared towards students who are looking for a thorough and challenging introduction to electricity and magnetism. Topics covered include: Electric and magnetic field and potential,
introduction to special relativity; Maxwell's equations, in both differential and integral form; and properties of dielectrics and magnetic materials. In addition to the basic concepts of Electromagnetism, a vast variety of interesting topics are covered in this course: Lightning, Pacemakers, Electric Shock Treatment, Electrocardiograms, Metal Detectors, Musical Instruments, Magnetic Levitation, Bullet Trains, Electric Motors, Radios, TV, Car Coils, Superconductivity, Aurora Borealis, Rainbows, Radio Telescopes, Interferometers, Particle Accelerators (a.k.a. Atom Smashers or Colliders), Mass Spectrometers, Red Sunsets, Blue Skies, Haloes around Sun and Moon, Color Perception, Doppler Effect, Big-Bang Cosmology. The subject is taught using the TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning) format which utilizes small group interaction and current technology. The TEAL/Studio Project at MIT is a new approach to education designed to help students develop much better intuition about, and conceptual models of physical phenomena.

Along with the Study Materials for MIT Course Electricity and Magnetism,
32 reference books - listed below - on Electricity and Magnetism
(25 pdf-7 djvu) have been added.

Study Materials for MIT Course [8.02T] Electricity and Magnetism.pdf
A treatise on electricity and magnetism, Vol I, J C Maxwell.pdf
A treatise on electricity and magnetism, Vol II, J C Maxwell.pdf
Atmospheric Electrostatics - Wahlin L..djvu
Classical Electrodynamics - W. Greiner.djvu
Classical Electrodynamics 3rd ed. - J.D. Jackson.djv
Classical Electrodynamics by J.D. Jacksom.pdf
Classical Electrodynamics for Undergraduates - H. Norbury.pdf
Classical Electromagnetism - Fitzpatrick.pdf
Companion to J.D. Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics 3rd ed. - R. Magyar.pdf
Electricity and Magnetism.pdf
Electrodynamics and classical theory of fields and particles - Barut A.O..djvu
Electrodynamics of Continuous Media 2nd ed. - L. Landau, E. Lifshitz.djvu
Electrodynamics Of Solids - Dressel, Gruner.pdf
Electromagnetic Field Theory - Bo Thide.pdf
Electromagnetic Fields And Waves - Lorrain and Corson.pdf
Electromagnetics - E. Rothwell, M. Cloud.pdf
High-field electrodynamics - Hartemann.djvu
Introduction to Electrodynamics - D. Griffiths.djvu
Introductory Electromagnetics - H. Nef.pdf
Introductory Electromagnetics - Z. Popovic, B. Popovic.pdf
Magnetism Molecules to Materials IV - Joel S. Miller , Marc Drillon.pdf
Physics of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials - K. Buschow, F. de Boer.pdf
Rothwell - Electromagnetics (CRC, 2001).pdf
Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves - Theories and Applications , Tsang , ding , kong.pdf
The finite difference time domain method for electromagnetism, Kunz K.S., Luebbers R.J..pdf
Verschuur - Hidden Attraction - The History and Mystery of Magnetism (Oxford, 1993).pdf
Vibrations and Waves.pdf

MIT Video Course on Electricity and Magnetism and 32 reference books 25 pdf 7 djvu
Instructor: Prof. Walter Lewin
Publisher : MIT
Language : English
Format : PDF and mp4
Click on START.html to access the videos, lecture notes, exams, assignments
and solutions that form part of the course.



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