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Speak More Clearly: British Business English

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Speak More Clearly: British Business English

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:11 pm

Please sharing for your Friends, If these information is useful!

English | 2009 | PDF & MP3 | 50MB


Get a British accent in just 15 minutes a day using our low cost accent training course. Using "Speak More Clearly" you will learn to speak with a British accent while not affecting your native tongue. After using "Speak More Clearly" you will be more easily understood. Don't let your accent hold you back, get the job, salary and the recognition that you deserve. Why wait, get started right now with your instant download of the complete manual and audio training course.

Quickly learn a British or an American pronunciation and speak more clearly. "Speak More Clearly" will reduce your English accent, enabling you to more clearly pronounce English words, while not affecting your native tongue. This program can be used to help develop a different accent in English that is an English (British) or American (U.S.) accent, or for those wishing to speak English more clearly or to be understood better when speaking English.



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