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Bare Fit and Pregnant - 3 PreNatal Workouts with Susi Kerr

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Bare Fit and Pregnant - 3 PreNatal Workouts with Susi Kerr

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:50 pm

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During pregnancy, energy levels fluctuate dramatically. This DVD inclues three different workouts -- about 30 minutes each -- that allow you to choose which workout to do for any given day.
High Energy
For high energy days when you feel great. Is designed to challenge you by keeping your heart rate up for the duration of the workout.
Good Energy
Strength oriented and designed for the days you want to exercise but don't want to work too hard. Strength training is imporant for a strong back -- so you can carry your baby, car seat and diaper bag.
Low Energy
Designed for the days when you're low on energy but would feel better if you did something. Focusses on core strength - imporant for maintaining posture throughout your pregnancy and helps you regain your pre-pregancy shape.
What You Need: All you'll need to do these workouts (besides the DVD) is 5-8 pound dumbells, 5 feet Thera-Band and a Fitball.

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