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Books for Children Beginning to Learn English

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Books for Children Beginning to Learn English

Post by Admin on Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:02 pm

Language: English | Oxford University | 1995-2009 | Scanned pages | Books Collection | 902 MB


Series of books for children beginning to learn English.
Colorful pictures.
Fascinating stories.
Action logically progresses from book to book.
On the last page that is specified on this particular book is aimed at what the words and the sounds of emphasis in the text.
List of Books:

1.1.Hide and Seek
1.2.Look After Me
2.1.The Toys Party
2.3.A New Dog
2.4.What a Bad Dog
2a.2.The Baby-sitter
2b.1.Kipper 's Laces
2ph.2.Poor Floppy
2ph.3.Put It Back
2ph.4.In a Bit
3.2.The Egg Hunt
3.3.Nobody Wanted to Play
3.4.A Cat in the Tree
3ph.2.Queen 's Maid
3ph.2.Wet Feet
3ph.4.Chairs in the Air
3ph.4.The Red Coat
3ph.6.The Rook and the Ring
4.1.House for Sale
4.3.Come In!
4.4.The Secret Room
4.5.The play
4.6.The storm
4a.2.The Weather Vane
4a.5.The Camcorder
4b.1.Wet Paint
4b.4.The Scarf
4b.5.The Dragon Dance
4b.6.Everyone Got Wet
5.1.The Magic Key
5.2.Pirate Adventure
5.3.The Dragon Tree
5.6.Village in the Snow
5a.1.The Whatsit
5a.2.Undergraund adventure


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